You want to focus on creating more great content, developing your profile, and serving your customers, but all your time seems to get soaked up in sales & marketing.

The ClientStream Programme will help you get a controlled customer-getting marketing process in place that lets you get on with serving clients while a small paid advertising budget and a simple “straight line” funnel brings qualified prospects to your door.

ClientStream , is an 8 week programme to get your product out in front of your best customers and converting sales at maximum value, day and night.

The programme will help you to:

  • Position your existing programme as a premium product in the market
  • Gain market insights that your competitors have little chance of getting access to or leveraging.
  • Present your offer as a package that takes away any length discussion of scope, deliverables or even pricing.
  • Gain feedback, testimonials and referals as a built-in part of how your programme operates.

The programme has been developed off the back of over 20 years working with education businesses from publishers and universities to niche training companies and consultants.

In 8 weeks we will take you through the following steps:

Week 1 – 3 Stories of Value
Understanding your existing value in the market. Bringing your experience and expertise out in the open and sharing stories that will bring your best customers closer to you.

Week 2 – Packaging your offer
Creating an offer that appeals to the best segment of the market.
Developing bonus and marketing content around the offer

Week 3 – The Bridge
Understanding the shifts in beliefs that your customer needs to go through to buy from you
Choosing 3 lessons to achieve these shifts

Week 4 – Creating your webinar – v1
Validation questions, the webinar presentation, handling the response

Week 5 – Webinar Revisions
Turning objections in to objects of desire
Automating your webinar

Week 6 – Developing your ad campaign

Week 7 – Making sales  online

Week 8 – Scalable, high value delivery

Enrolment bonuses:

Everyone who is accepted on the programme will get the following to get them moving as quickly as possible:

Enrolment Bonus 1 –  The Quickstart Guide

To get you moving as quickly as possible this contains:

  • The straight-line funnel blueprint
  • Checklists of what's needed at each step
  • The toolkit we recommend for each step.

Enrolment Bonus 2 –  The Template Set

In order to get you the results you need as quickly as possible we've packaged up a set of “fill in the blanks” templates to get you going as quickly as possible:

  • Lead magnets
  • Landing pages
  • Webinar presentations
  • Sales Pages
  • Email sequences
  • Ad copy & image sources

Graduation Bonuses

Business is like whack-a-mole. You solve one problem and another one pops up, so once you're running traffic to your funnel, we're going to take you a step further…

Graduation Bonus 1 – Sales training & scripts 

Once you've started running ads to your funnel, you're going to get leads, and when you get leads, you're going to need to close them.  If you're selling a service rather than a product, it's more than likely you'll need to get on the phone with someone to close the deal.

This is where most consultants screw up, dumping out value they never get paid for. Instead we teach the scripts and the mindset hacks that will get you more sales and ultimately be able to serve each client better.

So, once the groundwork of your funnel is done, we're going to help you with  a 2 hour masterclass on lead qualification and closing, including what qualifying criteria you need to use, and scripts to guide you to the close:


Graduation Bonus 2 – Developing your JV webinar programme.

Once you've achieved a highly scalable business you'll be able to manage the high peaks of new demand that great JV partners can bring.

So you'll be ready for this phase, we've included:

  • Where to find great JV partners
  • How to approach them – cold email templates
  • Typical commission rates to expect to have to pay at different price points
  • How to track sales & commissions
  • Pitfalls no-one tells you about to include in your JV partnership contracts


Apply for ClientStream

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