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Case Study

From $7k to $179k in monthly revenues


Become a Superlearner is an online course in speed reading, memory improvement and rapid learning skills.

The site gets significant traffic via the efforts of it's founder – Jonathan Levi – who hosts a podcast, has a high profile including TED talks, and who has other published books and courses that refer to the Mastermind course at

The marketing has evolved organically and it has become harder and harder to see what activities are leading to real results.

The business wants to scale up using paid advertising, but was nervous of doing so without being able to measure ROI.

What We Delivered

The Conversion Co. were brought in to look at the funnel from end to end, and we put a lot of skill and effort into tidying up and simplifying automated email sequences, as well as getting end-to-end tracking in place across the marketing websites, email campaigns and the membership site, so we could see where our best customers were coming from.

The project included many new marketing assets which are seen by everyone whose email address we capture:

We created:

One of a half-dozen landing pages we tested throughout the campaign

The Results

Over a two year period, we grew monthly sales from $7,000 to $179,000 - a 25x increase.

The video below gives more detail about how we did it.

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