Conversion Marketing Articles

The Conversion Marketing Journal is are our regular update on what's working hardest for our students in traffic, conversion, and online information sales.

Using the real-world experiences of our private agency and coaching clients, we help you skip past the trial-and-error, and over the pitfalls that we've had to endure ourselves.

What you can expect from the journal articles:

  • Research studies, and how to apply them to your conversion messages
  • Case studies on live test results
  • Simple tips and tricks for converting more clicks into leads
  • Funnel tweaks to boost customer value
  • Copy and persuasion principles to turn cold traffic into hot customers

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Previous Journal Articles

When the one-stop-shop needs breaking up

Over the last few months I’ve seen a lot of people getting burned by tools that claim to “do it all”, but in reality do nothing very well. This was brought into sharp relief by Clickfunnels and Kartra in particular, hiking their prices recently, and suddenly becoming less attractive compared to piecing together a system […]

MRR Mistakes of Membership Sites

If you think your membership site runs by the same rules as a SaaS business, you’re in for a shock. Here’s why….

4 big things that $million-dollar funnels have in place, that you don’t

Have you ever had a funnel fail?   Have you ever spent days, weeks, even months getting together the moving parts?   You've got your landing pages, videos, copy and email follow-ups. You've spent weeks getting the whole process on point. You've followed one of your guru blueprints to the absolute letter, and then the […]

Online Course Software for Startup Training Businesses in 2018

I seem to be answering questions about this on at least a weekly basis at the moment, so this is my current stack of software for running a successful course business. Who this is for It’s aimed at people wanting to reach a level where their course provides a reasonable full-time income so the focus […]

When should you start testing?

Ask a question in any digital marketing group and somewhere in the list of somewhat unhelpful answers you’ll get this one: “Test it” Now, for a long time I considered testing in marketing to be a fairly high level skill, and one that wasn’t worth troubling yourself with until you had some significant levels of […]

Offer, List, Creative. Which One Wins?

Offer List Creative Those three words, in that order, used to be drummed into every direct response marketer form the day they were allowed to even look at a campaign. This was in the days when DM was expensive. You needed stamps, printers, huge machines to process the data that cam in on tape reels […]

Why people buy online courses

A while back I used to run a marketing course for a well known training organisation in the UK. Eager to make as much use of the content they’d paid for as they could, they created an online course on Email Marketing, but abandoned marketing it within a few months. When I spoke to the […]

The worst headline in the world

The great David Ogilvy once wrote: “When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.” i.e. 80% of your effort in a sales letter should go into the headline. It's like the subject line in an email. If you don't capture your prospect's interest there, you have no hope […]

How to use bonuses in your online course sales

Most online course marketers recommend using bonuses to push up the financial value of your product. But there's a strategy behind using bonuses that can multiply your sales without needing to create any extra content.

Buyers are your hottest prospects. How to keep them that way.

If there are two big opportunities to sell that most businesses miss, one of them is after you’ve just got a result for them. We know that. Most businesses forget to close the loop and move customers back into the sales loop. Maybe they don’t have a follow-on product to solve whatever the next problem […]

Discover competition, demand and revenues for your online course, before you create it.

The biggest reason for failure I see with people launching online courses is that they hit the wrong point on what economists call “supply & demand”. The ideal place to be is lots of demand, but little supply – making you the only viable option for your prospects. It’s a hard place to find, but […]

Udemy releases insights tool to help course creators predict competition & demand.

Discover demand, competition, and typical earnings for your video course - before you create it.