Why We Use ActiveCampaign, and Who We Think Should Use It Too

We've been using ActiveCampaign since 2014 and in that time we've learned to unlock it's impressive power to run marketing campaigns on autopilit.

But we've also used a lot of other similar tools, both trying them out ourselves, and on client jobs, so this is a roundup of the reasons we've stuck with ActiveCampaign.

Where ActiveCampaign wins.

1. ActiveCampaign has email marketing, ecommerce data, and sales CRM under one roof.

If you have a product as well a more hands on service or consultancy, this will stop you losing contacts and data in the cracks between systems.

Whilst you can't take payments with ActiveCampaign (yet), we can hold all that sales data in one place and constantly find more people like our best customers.

2. ActiveCampaign has solid deliverability, and the tools to help you keep it that way.

It doesn't matter how cheap your email tool, is. If your emails don't get to the inbox, you're wasting that money.

3. ActiveCampaign is well supported with integrations.

Particularly if you're using WordPress for your campaign pages, ActiveCampaign integrates with every worthwhile tool we use. It's also got one of the best Zapier integrations we've seen, and if you really want to use it's full power it has an incredible, and well supported API to move whatever data you want in and out of the platform.

4. ActiveCampaign has the best email automation we've seen.

Automation can be pretty simple. Your prospect does something (trigger), your system does something in response (action).

ActiveCampaign has the most comprehensive set of triggers and actions, and the simplest way to manage them of all the email tools we've worked on.

5. ActiveCampaign is built for performance

If your idea of an aggressive email marketing strategy is sending your newsletter more than once a month, ActiveCampaign is going to be overkill.

But if you're a small business trying to wring big business performance out of your email list, we're confident we can do that with ActiveCampaign.