Beyond The Click: 7 conversion power tips for online advertisers

Find out how to convert more leads from your paid traffic, and how the top lead generation companies can afford such high advertising costs.

If you’re tired of seeing endless budget being spent on your online advertising, and you're struggling to just break-even on costs, this guide is for you .

You will discover the strategies and tools to bring in more profitable leads and close more sales from your online channels.

Find out:

  • Why most businesses are optimising the wrong part of their marketing funnels, and why it brings in poor leads
  • The psychology behind why PPC leads seem so price sensitive
  • Why your website has been built back-to-front and confuses prospects
  • How to get back in front of prospects, even when you don't have their contact details
  • Why Google Analytics is the wrong tool to track your campaigns
  • How pushing your leads to the phone is costing you leads

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