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Fixing Thinkific’s Facebook Conversion Pixel

If you're using Thinkific to track your Facebook ad spend then you need to read this. I've reached a level now where we are doing 2 things that let Facebook optimise our campaigns using it's own data – it's what everyone selling online should be aiming for. Targeting an audience which is a lookalike of […]

Monday morning and the blank page awaits

I have a little routine on Mondays that helps me ease my way into the week. Sunday night I do a little brain dump of the things I'd like to get done by the end of the week. It's usually way to long, so I sleep on it, then first thing Monday I plot the […]

The worst headline in the world

The great David Ogilvy once wrote: “When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.” i.e. 80% of your effort in a sales letter should go into the headline. It's like the subject line in an email. If you don't capture your prospect's interest there, you have no hope […]

How to use bonuses in your online course sales

Most online course marketers recommend using bonuses to push up the financial value of your product. But there's a strategy behind using bonuses that can multiply your sales without needing to create any extra content.

How I survived the attack of the marketing zombies

Last week I witnessed the marketing equivalent of a zombie attack. A well-meaning chiropracter appeared in a free Facebook group asking about what text he should have on the button on his email signup form. Cue a couple of dozen undead marketing ghouls, woken from their slumber by the chance to show off their no-ledge, […]

I’m going to take away your favourite toys.

If your're a parent, or you've ever had a parent (I guess that's most bases covered?) you'll recognise this threat. Well I'm making it now. Frankly you've got obsessed with marketing tech over the last couple of years and it's time to get your face out of that screen and learn to pick up a […]

Has Corbyn been watching Start Wars again?

Yesterday I hinted at a fourth, powerful persuasion technique that we should all be using in our marketing. One that I believe is responsible for more of the Labour campaign's unexpected wins than any other, and why the Conservatives fell way short of expectations. But first, lets take this back to what we're all really […]

What really went wrong at No. 10 yesterday…

Poor old Theresa May must be wondering where yesterday all went so horribly wrong, scratching her head over the polls, while she punishes her campaign managers with a cattle prod. If she’d taken time out to measure the Convervatives with the MAPPED Method profile, she’d have found her weak spot. Positioning. No party is an […]

Buyers are hot. Keep them that way.

If there are two big opportunities to sell that most businesses miss, one of them is after you’ve just got a result for them. We know that. Most businesses forget to close the loop and move customers back into the sales loop. Maybe they don’t have a follow-on product to solve whatever the next problem […]

Discover competition, demand and revenues for your online course, before you create it.

The biggest reason for failure I see with people launching online courses is that they hit the wrong point on what economists call “supply & demand”. The ideal place to be is lots of demand, but little supply – making you the only viable option for your prospects. It’s a hard place to find, but […]

Udemy releases insights tool to help course creators predict competition & demand.

Discover demand, competition, and typical earnings for your video course - before you create it.

How an 18 year old barman discovered split testing before the internet was even invented.

Way back in 1989 – a full year before the invention of the World Wide Web, a lanky 18 year-old walked into a bar and landed himself a job for the summer holidays. The bar was the busiest tourist pub in Oxford. A three storey, three bar building by the River Isis, within walking distance […]

How to get your customers to empty their pockets without blinking

See that receipt? That's a £3.39 coffee. Trapped at a motorway service station with no option other than the bitter, scalding cups of tar served in McDonalds, these guys had jacked up the price by a whole £1 over what they usually charge. My reaction? A tut, a shake of the head, and hand over […]

Why your SEO is leaving you in a sticky mess, and how to fix it.

If website traffic was cake, SEO would be like the cherry on the cake. Not the cake itself. The “cake” is traffic that you can control, that you can turn on and off at will, that you can get started quickly, and that you can keep testing until you have a process that at least […]

Are you too focussed on the sale?

While you're focussing on the sale, your prospect's attention is somewhere else. Find out where in this video.

What Happened to Visibly Better?

If you've been anywhere near our website recently you'll have noticed a change to Visibly Better Marketing. It's not there any more. Back in 2013 when the business started, Visibly Better stood for two things: Getting Better Visibility for our clients online More transparency in the results we get. Less “likes” and “engagement” and more […]