Artifice Media

An innovative website to attract new film investments

Artifice Media develop, produce and deliver exciting, commercially and critically successful movies and television programming.

Artifice approached us to develop a new website that would elevate them above their contemporaries, cementing their status as a top production company with the objective of gaining investors and adding credibility.

The brief was to produce a dynamic design that would embrace their innovative ethos and convey the excitement of their projects, as well as be flexible through a simple Content Management System.

We delivered an innovative and visually engaging website, housing all the content within one page, inviting the user to explore the whole site thoroughly on first viewing. The experience is an effective and easy way to get to grips with Artifice, and is also highly efficient on mobile devices.

The site has plenty of interesting nooks and crannies to discover, with trailers for the productions, cast information and background information on the company.

This bold new design has already attracted plenty of attention from investors and will be building momentum in the lead-up to the production company's next release.