Colemans CTTS

PPC landing pages for a solicitors group


​Colemans CTTS is a solicitors with offices in Kingston and Manchester, covering a wide range of services for both businesses and consumers.

In almost every one of these sectors, general practices are being attacked by single-sector specialists who are driving down prices and driving up the costs of PPC.

Colemans had had a recent website development to make it easier to navigate to each service, to perform better in SEO and to create a wider body of content around each area of expertise.

Demonstrating a wide breadth of expertise was working well in cross-selling to clients and prospects who were unaware of the full extent of Colemans’ services, but was getting in the way of new prospects who typically had “pain” in one specific area they needed to deal with. ​To counteract this, we worked with Colemans in a number of areas where there was controlled PPC advertising on specific, high value terms. We created extra landing pages using a templated format that could be rolled out to any sector. Each page included a number of elements vital to increasing conversions: The lead forms were tracked through Google Analytics on a keyword level to give feedback to manage the campaign, and also linked to the company’s case management system so we could work back from leads to closed cases to ensure lead quality was being maintained.


  • Clear calls to action
  • Dedicated Freephone numbers
  • Industry certification logos – essential in demonstrating capability and trustworthiness
  • Verifiable customer testimonials to build trust and show experience

We also developed a short email series, aimed first at helping conversion in the specific service the enquiry came in from, then on educating prospects about the wider range of services available. ​The initial nervousness about “not showing prospects what we are capable of” was soon dissipated as leads needing specific help in short time-frames began to increase.


The close control over PPC budgets and where these leads were being driven allowed much more management control over budgets to each business unit.

PPC is now a long-term sustainable and measurable channel for the business, allowing much greater budgets to be applied as consistent returns are demonstrated.

The email follow-up was particularly effective in preparing cross-sells to lucrative B2B clients who, once engaged, tend to be far more loyal and active than consumer clients.