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Emerging Comms

Lead activation across multiple markets


Emerging Communications is a London & Shanghai marketing agency promoting western brands to China.

Over the last few years they have. built up an enviable reputation in education, property and healthcare.

Their ability to develop strategies for new markets saved them during COVID when many of their clients exited the market almost overnight, but this flexibility created other problems, common with a lot of other marketing agencies.

Each sector needed it's own communication strategy and they weren't interested in looking at content outside companies that they recognised as competition.

Our Solution

Creating 3 entirely separate content strategies was going to be a lot of work, so we started by prioritising the education sector where the agency had the most credibility already.

We helped them create a content funnel that ran through social content, and occasional short, downloadable guides.

Then we worked on activating those leads with regular live webinars, and automated replays for people entering the funnel during quieter periods.

Finally, when we had enough engaged contacts, the agency organised exclusive client-only, live events in London to develop deeper trust & relationships, helped by inviting current clients who would routinely sing their praises!

Once that was in place for each of the 3 sectors, we began two email projects to demonstrate Emerging Comm's market leadership, and close eye on the market.  These used existing case studies and newly sourced content to make sure that no prospect was ever more than a week away from a reminder about the agency.

The Results

From a fresh start we generated a list of over 2,000 engaged contacts with multiple points of contact in under 6 months.

The strategy is generating daily 1:1 conversations about marketing budgets in the 6 and 7 figure budget range, and the constant focus on these 3 markets has created a reinforcing effect with more content and  studies building credibility and leading to shorter sales cycles.

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