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immediate future.

Rapid roll-outs of activation funnels


immediate future are one of the UK's most experienced social media agencies. Their website is a busy hub of content including blogs, podcasts, industry guides and promotion for live events.

The existing site had been built by an in-house team who have now left and the site hadn't been updated in a long time.

Eventually the site had been hacked and had pages inserted that promoted over the counter drugs and bingo offers.

On the face of it, the site was getting good traffic, but not for the terms that the agency wanted.

Our Strategy

We recommended rebuilding the site on a fast and simple custom WordPress theme built around recommended WordPress practices. This would help the site's longevity, be more robust against hacking, and give us the backbone of better content management.

We also needed to do a massive clean-up of the content, much of which was over 10 years old.

Our deliverables:

We worked with the agency's in-house design team on a well structured site with a minimum of “decoration”, allowing the content and the brand's striking social graphics to stand out.

We created more structure around the content to make it easier for the team to create new posts without making decisions about design or layout, or missing critical SEO data.

For example, instead of having to design whole pages for each lead-generation campaign, the team can just add a headline, and image, and a reference from the email marketing system, and it's done.

What took hours and could only be done by one member of the team, now takes a few minutes and can be done by anyone. A huge bottleneck in creating new campaigns has been removed.

We cleaned up the hacked pages, archived a lot of redundant content and created a structure that could be better crawled and understood by search engines.

Lastly, we integrated the many opt-in pages with ActiveCampaign to help the business automate the process of identifying the most engaged leads.


The clean up took a few months to take effect but eventually the old hacked content was “forgotten” and the site started to rank faster for social media related terms.

The rate of new leads has doubled. In part due to more and better search traffic, but also because the agency can now execute new campaigns at a higher rate.

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