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Rescuing sinking SEO rankings


Okomp is a specialist B2B marketing agency promoting western brands to China.

It was acquired in 20017 by Emerging Communications and the two teams merged together.

Over a number of years the site was left untouched and eventually ran into upgrade issues, caused by using a “page builder” rather than best-practice WordPress development.

With no updates and increasing technical issues, the site's SEO rankings began to slip and a valuable lead generation resource came close to being lost.

Our Strategy

First we spent some time to understand the site's strategy and where it would overlap with the parent company.

We discovered an existing issue with the split in customers between the B2B and B2C markets which were hard to cover effectively and decided to focus the Okomp site on B2B clients.

The site's value propositions and content planning were updated to reflect this new split.

Our Actions

On-site optimisation

First, we built a simple, fast loading new custom theme for the site, getting rid of a lot of the outdated code that had caused the site's upgrade problems.

We updated the sites page titles, menus and link structures to give clearer paths to the most important content, and created better sitemap structures..

We managed site images better, speeding the site up further.

Content optimisation & promotion

Then we archived a lot of blog posts which were getting no attention and weren't focussed on the B2B market.

We updated a few core pieces of content and shared them on social media to get the site some attention again. Then we started to create some much more in-depth content around the key phrases we wanted to target, and linked back to them from existing pages.

We agreed a plan for content which would support these key phrases as well as a few types that we know get shared regularly and attract links to the site.

Lastly we agreed a contact plan for other related sites who we could approach to write for, getting further attention for Okomp.

Converting the leads

We integrated the site with Emerging Comms Hubspot CRM system so we could see exactly which content was bringing in leads & sales.

Next we started to create some “lead magnets” – useful pieces of more valuable content that we could trade for email addresses.

Lastly we moved a B2B webinar across from Emerging Communnication sto identify the most interested leads.


Within two months we had started to regain rankings for the pages that we had previously ranked for, and the longer tail of content started to bring in a wider breadth of search traffic.

We could see the content that attracts links, traffic, and leads and demonstrated the importance of including plans for each one.

The site now effectively attracts leads in higher volumes than when it was first acquired.

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