Training Marketing Case Study

The Invitation of Love

Webinar training to fill a new workshop


For the last 17 years, Rory has been writing, leading seminars and workshops and has delivered 1,000’s of hours of one-to-one coaching, through his private coaching practice in central London.

Rory had developed a new online programme and 3 day seminar programme. The agency he was working with had created a large prospect list for the new programme, but it wasn't turning into bookings.

With time running out Rory was referred to us to see what we could do to solve the sales problem, quickly.

Our Solution

We looked through the funnel and quickly realised that the process was high on content, but low on persuasion to take the next step.

The funnel was giving too much and turning people off from committing to the whole process.

Give the size of the list and the engagement they'd had already we worked with Rory on a webinar that could quickly be built, delivered, and then turned into an ongoing part of the funnel.


After an initial training session and a couple of session making revisions, Rory delivered the webinar live, then a replay to people who couldn't attend the first seminar.

By the end of the second delivery we had filled a seminar room in London for the following weekend.

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