The TT Store

Building trust with new online shoppers


The TT Store is a mail order retailer selling designs based on classic cars and motorcycles.

Within a few months of launch, the business was making good sales when they attended classic car events, but conversion rates weren't great online, even when marketing to an identical customer via Facebook ads.

Our actions

We recognised this as a similar problem to many other new ecommerce startups we have worked with.

The underlying issue is that the business simply hasn't built up enough trust with the potential shopper to close the first sale.

They are then in a catch 22 situation. No sales means no customer base to talk to and high bounce rates from new customers on the site.

We recommended putting in a more aggressive strategy to capture customer email addresses, which would give them more chances to talk to the customer. We added various data capture options around the site, and implemented “exit intent” technology which would show email opt-in forms with a free shipping offer as customers were about to leave the site.


The data capture was very successful, converting email addresses from 5-8% of the site's visitors.

The resulting follow-up, sending several emails over the course of the next 5 days, had  far higher engagement rates than the previous “newsletter” format and is now one of the biggest drivers of first-time purchase on the site.