Williams Crawford Vintage Porsche

Bringing modern marketing flows to vintage car sales


Williams Crawford is a dealer of vintage Porsche sports cars.

The business is still run very much hands-on by the Directors, with a small team of sales staff feeding both the car sales, servicing and restoration teams.

Until now prospects have been managed through individual team diaries and contact books and getting any visibility on the performance of sales staff or advertising activity has been by anecdote, and management by walking in the floors.

With the rising cost of lead generation advertising through partners including Exchange & Mart, and PetrolHeads, more visibility was needed.

Our Solution

The business needed a tool which could be used by both sales & marketing teams, but wasn't so complex that it would need additional staff to manage.

We set up ActiveCampaign for them and started by getting their data in better shape.

We pulled in contact data from old sales systems, advertising leads, and individual's contact lists, then cleaned out old data to make sure we weren't seeming to spam disinterested accounts.

We then set up a number of attractive and high converting forms on the Williams Crawford website.

Where before email's had come in to admin staff then been assigned manually, we could now see immediately what type of service the customer was interested in, and assign the leads accordingly, giving far better response times and fewer missed call-backs.

Reception staff are able to key new leads directly into the system, saving double-entering data and making costly mistakes with phone numbers and emails.

We set up a pipeline of deals for each service so that sales staff and management can quickly see the shape their pipeline is in and where to focus efforts.

Marketing were able to set up better tracked events, bringing in data for events at the dealership, and being able to follow up quickly on attendees.

We created simple, but elegant email templates which marketing could use to create campaigns with no technical skills, meaning that customers were communicated with more frequently and became more engaged.


The new system has been running for a few weeks now and management are already seeing the benefit of greater visibility of the results from marketing efforts and the size of the sales pipeline, allowing them to plan investment and recruitment with greater accuracy.

We look forward to the effect this will have in the peak summer months…

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