Has Corbyn been watching Start Wars again?

Yesterday I hinted at a fourth, powerful persuasion technique that we should all be using in our marketing.

One that I believe is responsible for more of the Labour campaign's unexpected wins than any other, and why the Conservatives fell way short of expectations.

But first, lets take this back to what we're all really trying to do here – get more attention for our training products.

We know there is a huge problem in the online training market with people implementing bastardised versions of our advice, mixed in with the interference of their guru-du-jour

Mixing up free (worthless) information with the good, and accepting the gospel of newcomers who don't have a  track record of success to show that their direction is on the right path.

This leads to weak implementation, and frustration.

In short, most potential clients have a long history of failure behind them.

So before we can get them to act on any programme, we have to do something else.

We have to teach them to believe in our approach.

And that's incredibly hard when we're preaching the same best practice as the rest of the market.

So, although I loathe to let anyone off the hook, if its for doing the wrong things rather than doing nothing, I can extend a little mercy.

We need to give forgiveness for these past failures, let them know it's not their fault.

We lie the fault at the feet of our competitors. Point out the self-interest that drives them.

And give them a new opportunity.

A new belief.

A New Hope.

Now which one of the recent political campaigns have we seen this in…?





The allure of something new, aligned with a few rocks to throw at your common enemy is incredibly powerful.

Take a look at your offer. Is it “same as them but better?” or is it “a new opportunity”?

If you want help critiquing your offer, hit reply and just ask.

Stephen Pratley

I've spent 20 years building huge email lists and prospect databases for the UK's biggest retail, media and technology brands. Now you can learn the same tactics for your own business.

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