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There’s lots of guru talk about “you need an offer” but very little about what an offer is, what makes a good one, and how you can set about building a great offer other than just through trial and error, or by copying offers that are aimed at different markets, different traffic temperatures, and from personalities that have likely built up more trust and reputation than you have right now.

Without knowing what dials you can try to turn, you come back to turning the one dial that everyone understands


You fall back on deals, discounts and fake scarcity to try to sell because you don’t know what your customer is really looking for and what will get them to happily hand over money, confident that you can help them make the transformation they really want.

You haven’t learned to tune up mediocre offers into great offers because you’ve never been taught to, and the examples you’re surrounded by aren’t offers at all.

They’re just deals.

Deals are what you throw out into the market when someone already knows about your product. When they already know it could solve their problem, but they’re just not ready to get out their wallets just yet.

They’re for people at the highest level of awareness about the problem they face, the solutions to it, and the products you offer that provide that solution.
This is the level of awareness that household brands enjoy.
We already know the product line-up of Apple, Google, Ford, McDonalds and all the other companies that can afford to advertise during the Superbowl.
Price is what’s left when you’ve said everything else about your brand and still not got a reaction.
Hint at the solution to the deeper problem
But you’re nowhere close to that, and thank god for it.
You’ve got a ton of things that you can talk about instead of price.
Specifically, there are 5 things you can talk about, and must talk about, to make a difference to your sales.
These 5 dials are a way to look at other offers in the market, and then your own, and work out the dials other than price that you can turn to excite your customers.
It’s like developing a taste for wine.
If you just chug back a $1,000 bottle of wine, you’ll have no idea what’s so great about it. But if a wine expert talks you through the experience, tells you what the flavours are to look out for, maybe even compares it to a lesser wine so you can see why cheap wine is cheap, then you’ll be able to spot other $1,000 wines.
Even when they’re only priced at $10.
Right now your course is a $1,000 wine that you’re selling for $10 because you’ve no idea what a sophisticated buyer is really looking for. In fact that price tag might even be pushing the best buyers away.
From some sneaky research that restaurants have done, we know that your $10 tag is costing you sales.
Let me share with you a little story about how we know this…
Get authoritative proof
Researchers at the University of Basel, Switzerland decided to play a prank on some customers – all in the name of research of course.
They picked 3 Italian wines ranging from $10 to $50, and got restaurant guests to rate them.
Then they switched the prices and an interesting thing happened:
First, the least expensive wine suddenly came out top when they pushed up the price from $10 to $40. Price had a positive impact on their appreciation of the wine.
Interestingly though the best wine at $50, didn’t slip when the price was just $10.
A good wine is a good wine. And a good offer is a good offer.
Dialling down our price won’t do anything to help us, so we have to start to dig into the offer and turn other dials, just like the master wine-maker can influence his product’s taste, without touching the price. He can change things like the levels of sugar and acidity, and I dunno, alcohol? Anyway, if you’ve ever read the back of a bottle you’ll know there’s all sorts of subtleties that most of us aren’t aware of until someone actually shows us.
Once our winemaker knows what the criteria are for a great taste, and how to turn those dials, he can make a great wine.
And great marketers know what the criteria are for making an offer and how to turn those dials to make a market-beating offer.
Show pain of and cost of development
Now I don’t know how much you’ve spent on courses trying to figure this out, but I can tell you, you don’t learn to recognise great wines by drinking $10 table wines, and you don’t learn to recognise great offers by buying $10 ebooks.
I started out my career sending direct mail for one the UK’s biggest business publishers and I got to rub shoulders with some great marketers.
We sent out mailing packs that cost more than £2 each to print and send, and we sent a LOT. We had machines and teams of people running full time pushing these mailers out of the door.
Then I got to watch as the information industry went online and how online training took the place of expensive workshops and conferences.
I spent tens of thousands trying to break down what the successful marketing businesses did (the most expensive course I bought was over $8000 on it’s own), but what really made the difference was sitting next to the copy chiefs at those publishing businesses, having them explain why they were testing different parts of the offer, and then seeing which ones won in competitive tests.
Explain ease-of-use
At the end of all that learning, when I was honest with myself, I could see that it was actually way more simple than I’d let myself believe.
There were just 5 things that really mattered to a successful course offer, whether it was a $10 ebook designed to sell at high volume, or a $10,000 live conference seat aimed at the top of the market.
And none of them made any difference to the product itself.
Literally just tweaking your sales letter and maybe even cutting some content from your product had a dramatic effect on your sales.
Show speed to results
If you’ve got a good handle on your market and you’ve had enough conversations with people about what they’ve already invested in to get the changes they want, the changes are really minor. You can get a new sales letter written in a single sitting that will beat 90% of what I see every day.
Future pace
Just imagine that for a moment.
You have a steady flow of traffic from your website or social accounts. You turn more of them in to excited buyers every day.
Because they’re motivated and your offer is easier to apply, more of them get results.
They rave about your product, give testimonials, even become affiliates.
You now have an unstoppable flywheel of new customers adding to the positive noise about your product every month.
That’s what it looks like when you have “An Offer They Can’t Refuse”
Section 3: The Offer
Make your offer
“An Offer They Can’t Refuse” is a distilled set of rules that you can use to tune up an offer from a boring product description into something that your market will want to buy, and want to buy TODAY.
It comes as a short written training, and a workbook where you can answer the exact questions that your market will have about any information product.
Inside you’ll learn…

Section 4: Bullets & Bonuses
Detail the benefits
How to recognise the components of a great offer, so you’ll know what you can “lift” from other marketer’s sales materials, and why.
How to position your offers as a solution for the most lucrative parts of any market
The conditions that your offer needs to meet before your prospect will act today. The on-off switch of any million-dollar promotion.
The “Lucky Charm” marketing method that you’re following even though it’s 100% wrong for your customers.
Why “Product/Market Fit” is the wrong thing for founders to chase, and what you should do instead.
Why customer focussed businesses fail faster, even with a great product.
The only 2 questions you need to ask to know if it’s your product or your market that’s not right.
All 7 criteria for a market where you’d have to be dumb AND lazy to fail.
How you can piggyback off another successful offer, especially in saturated markets.
What my unlikely career in skincare taught me about believable offers in a market that quite literally has snake-oil salesmen as competitors.
How to tell outrageous stories without falling foul of the FTC.
What to do with an offer that’s sending you slowly broke.
A story that every superhero knows to give credibility to any offer.
3 types of proof and why you should start hanging out with hillbillies for the best testimonials.
The “strategically lazy” way to create bonuses from existing course materials and exactly what your prospect is looking for in a bonus that will make them buy the whole course to get their hands on it.
5 sleaze-free ways to get your customer to buy your offer right now.

And you’ll get to watch as I build a brand new offer in a market I’ve never worked in before, using the same principles as I’ve used to create multiple 7-figure selling offers.

Use bonuses to knock down next level problems
That’s not all.
I’ve included 3 other bonuses to make sure you get your offer ready in the shortest possible time, and with the absolute best chance of selling at the highest price.
Bonus #1 The AOTCR Workbook
A neat summary of the actions form the course that you can fill in and use as the brief when you write your sales letter or brief another copywriter.
Bonus #2 Million Dollar Markets
None of this matters if you’re selling into a market that can’t or won’t pay for your product. This bonus unveils the markets where people will buy again and again at the highest prices so you can get the best possible return on your efforts.
Bonus #3 Under The Skin: Market Research On Tiny Budgets
Are you really solving the problem the customer wants to solve? Are they being truthful when they share things online, or are they holding back, afraid of judgement from friends & family?
This action-packed research guide gives you the most important tips that I picked up running research projects for major UK brands like BT and Next, but without the 5 figure price tags. In fact all you need is your phone or a laptop and this set of questions to guide you.

Section 5: The Close
Build up your value
A course like this could easily go for 4 figures, in fact if you hired me to do this work for you it would be a decent 5 figure sum, and the knowledge inside it has been hard won from 6 figure investments in training and mentoring and watching the results of 7 figure ad campaigns.
But I’m not going to charge you anything like that.
Not $500, not $99, not $9 even.
Reveal your price
An Offer They Can’t refuse is going today for just $1.
That’s not a typo.
I want this information in the hands of as many people as I can because I genuinely believe its the thing holding you back before you can make any tactics successful.
The only reason it’s not free is that I know that if you pay, you’ll pay attention.
Split Your Audience
If you’re “just interested”, then this isn’t for you. You should go and get your entertainment from Netflix, turn up to your job tomorrow and carry on dreaming about money dropping into your lap.
If, however, you’re the kind of person who wants to be in the driving seat of life instead of the passenger seat, then this could be the road you’ve been looking for. One that goes straight to your destination – an offer you own that sells consistently day after day to customers around the world.
Inject scarcity (or create it)
This won’t stay at this price for long. I’m only offering it at such a big discount until I see a few people getting results and then it’ll 10x at least, plus I’ll probably add some more detail to at least one of these bonuses and make that a paid-for product as well.
Give a guarantee, or don’t
Now let’s be clear, just in case the thought had crossed your mind. There is no guarantee.
I know, telling you that makes me feel like Captain Obvious. Like the guy who prints ”may contain traces of nuts” on bags of peanuts. But some people need it spelled out for them.
If you’re even thinking about refunds, you should leave, because your mind is in reverse gear even if you haven’t put your foot on the gas yet.
If you have any hesitation about this, or if you’re “just interested”. It’s not for you.
Call to action
So, click the button below, and add the bonus offer if you plan on selling your offer online, then once you’ve made a credit card payment you’ll be sent the logins for our training portal with all the courses & bonuses.
Give a warning against inaction
Don’t hang about though, like I said this is only going to be at this price until we gat a handful of results for our customers and then it’s going to go up to the sort of price that reflects its true value.
Close with a reminder
You’re about to get “An Offer They Can’t Refuse” – the simplest, most step-by-step guide to creating offers with million dollar potential that I’ve seen anywhere online. So click the Buy Now button and I’ll see you in the training portal in about a minute.