Grow your digital product offer from organic to paid traffic

Every online business goes through the same 3 phases:

1 – Finding Traction

In this phase you're growing your customer base with a simple offer to filter the buyers from the tyre-kickers. You're getting feedback from your list on what they think they need help with next.

At this stage, data is more important than immediate profit, so we prioritise actions that can get you into conversations with your audience.

2 – Audience Economics

(This is where most clients begin working with us.)

By now you have an offer that's selling to customers who know you via email and social media, you have a predictable flow of traffic and you're making daily sales of your front-end offer, but you're not converting attention into sales quickly enough to move into paid ads.

You have two problems at this stage.

The first is generating enough excitement about your offer to get people to buy quickly.

With the right offer, we can fix that with good research and great copy.

The second problem is “audience economics” – using the levers that move conversion rates, order values and repeat purchases enough to beat the costs of paid customer acquisition.

In this stage we're using automated email campaigns and retargeting ads to catch as many buyers as possible.

We're also creating campaigns for follow-up offers, bumps and upsells to increase the value of each customer.

3 – Scaling Deep and Wide

Once you've reached a point where you can afford to advertise at a profit, there's an unlimited volume of customers you can acquire, but your efforts need careful monitoring.

Audiences get tired of seeing your creative, they get less profitable at scale, and a new competitor can suddenly disrupt your offer.

At this stage we're constantly testing new acquisition routes, new copy angles, and and new offers to find the next “winner” in your business.

Analytics and attribution become an issue as you try to work out which ads are working and which are burning cash.

Once you beat this though, word of mouth will become an increasingly important source of new customers, larger businesses will want to partner with you and acquisition costs actually start to go down again.

Where most businesses go wrong.

The big mistake a lot of businesses make is getting one big win, then thinking they're ready for the next step. They move into paid ads without enough cash to survive customers that might not buy for 2-3 months, or they scale up thinking that their conversion rates will stay in the double digits.

We've been through the cycle enough times to see where you are and to know the benchmarks to move on to the next step.

It's only in the third “scaling” step where you break out the Amex Platinum and start planning a round-the-world trip on your airmiles. By then you should be spending with complete confidence that you'll be getting 2-3 times your ad spend back in sales revenue before the bill is due.

Here's the steps we'll take you through:

Funnel Audit & Action Plan

Book your call and get your funnel audit.

If we see enough growth potential, then we'll set some targets and move forward with an action plan.

Even if you're not ready to work with us, you'll get some valuable insights that you can put into action.


Here's where we get the rest of the information and access we need to build and scale your campaign.

We'll give you a flowchart of the funnel from the action plan, and walk you through it so we both know who's responsible for each action.

Copy Brief

We write up a brief to cover the emails, pages & videos needed for the campaign before we create anything.

The brief includes Ideal Customer Profiles, offer details, and brand assets to use, so it's something we work on together.

Video Scripts & Recording

We'll create the script for your VSL or Webinar and you record the content.

Data Setup

We check that your Google Analytics and CRM integrations are all set up correctly so that data is in synch between your landing pages, email platform and cart.

Email Automations

We'll write the follow-up Emails / SMS campaigns and set them up in your CRM.

Campaign Launch & Optimisation

We'll start driving traffic to the funnel within 30 days on onboarding.

We start with your own email list & social audiences, then any partners you can run webinars with. Once you have enough data we'll start running retargeting ads and then progress to colder audiences.

As the campaign develops we'll hold weekly project calls, decide on creatives to test, and monitor returns from paid advertising efforts.

What to do now…

To get started,

We'll start with a quick discovery call to see what you have in place right now. If it looks like we could should be working together, we'll organise a deeper review of your funnel data and previous results before we set targets for the first 3 months.

This isn't going to be a highly scripted, pressured sales call.

We work on a performance model, so if you don't win, we don't win. That means we're not going to try to sign up everyone with a credit card and a pulse.

We're looking for clients with an offer that's made at least handful of sales and won a few positive testimonials. Preferably with an engaged social following and an email list already in place.

If that sounds like you, we should talk…

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