Let's build an Expert Offer that prospects feel stupid saying no to

Follow my framework for creating a confident, effective pitch.

If you're getting your offer in front of enough people, but it's not making consistent sales, your problem is usually the offer, and how you're presenting it.

An irresistible offer is the backbone of every successful campaign.

Without it, your prospect won't be clear about the outcome you're promising, or confident that your methods will get them there.

And that reflects on how well you'll sell it.

If your offer isn't clear and confident, you'll “pull punches” when it comes to making your offer, and your prospect will feel it. Their confidence will drop and you'll lose the sale.

A great offer has 4 levers:

OfferCraft is a 1:1 consulting program to pull on all 4 of these levers in the shortest possible time.

The offer consultation takes place over 3 calls. Roughly an hour each

In call 1 we'll help you get your outcome and how you describe it dialled in so that your prospects can clearly see its value.

We'll find the common objections to your offer, so you can push them aside in your prospect's mind, or even choose not to work with people who have too many of them.

In the 2nd call we'll pull apart how your process for delivering the outcome works, and make sure it's clear how each step contributes to the outcome your prospect wants.

Then we'll work on your close. We'll make sure your prospect understands exactly what they have to do, and why they should do it right now.

In the 3rd call, we'll map out your funnel. We'll pick the right type of conversion mechanism for your offer and your market, and decide how you're going to get eyes on your offer to make your first sales, or to scale from where you are already.

You'll leave with an offer that you can pitch confidently, that your prospect has confidence in, and a reason to act quickly.

If this sounds like something you need…

Click the schedule a call button below, and we'll have a quick online call to see what stage of growth you're at with your offer. At this stage we're only interested in working with people who we can guarantee a return for within 90 days, so we want to be sure we can help you, and that you have the resource to implement changes quickly.

If we both decide to work together after that call, we'll discuss the payments process and booking in your consultation calls over the next 3 weeks.

There's no payment, and no obligation to carry on, until we're both committed to the next stage together.

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