What really went wrong at No. 10 yesterday…

Poor old Theresa May must be wondering where yesterday all went so horribly wrong, scratching her head over the polls, while she punishes her campaign managers with a cattle prod.

If she’d taken time out to measure the Convervatives with the MAPPED Method profile, she’d have found her weak spot.


No party is an island (but one island is a party, and that’s Ibiza, but I digress).

Positioning is all about how you’re perceived relative to your competition, and in some cases your own past offerings.

Corbyn got four things right that you should be looking to introduce in your own marketing…

1) A cause, not a campaign.
“This isn’t about electing MP’s, it’s a movement.” he said.
Make people feel they are part of something bigger. Part of a crowd, and they’ll follow more readily.

2) A common enemy.
Actually both parties have these, by nature of politics, but it’s far easier to portray those already in poser as corrupt, evil henchmen.

3) A charismatic leader.
Noone could have predicted this going into the fight but Corby became far more engaged with the people around him as the debates went on, to the extent that even his former enemies lined up behind him.

The fourth factor though, is the big one. The one I believe is responsible for his bigger-than-expected gains, and which you should find most powerful, and easiest to apply in the positioning of your own offers.

But you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for that (yes, I’m making up for taking the day off for my birthday with and extra weekend email).

Until then, see how your own business measures up at

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