Email Marketing Automation

Because the worst performing email is the one that didn't get sent

For businesses with high volumes of leads each day, keeping up 1:1 isn't an option any more.

It's no longer possible to talk to both the tyre-kickers and the hot prospects, and it's not economical to turn one into the other over the phone.

Customers also need onboarding, and happy customers need chasing for reviews and referrals.

But most businesses let most, if not all of this follow-up fall through the cracks.

Our solution is to replace the most common communications with automated campaigns, adapted to respond to the customer at each stage of the buying cycle.
– after signing up to an email list
– in the run up to a webinar
– after a webinar, if they attended
– after a webinar, if they didn't
– as soon as they buy
– after a support issue is raised
– when a product has been used heavily for a period
– when a regular customer lapses

The list of opportunities is endless.

And bewildering, which is why you probably haven't started yet.

So, we start with a brief conversation with each client to work out what the quickest wins are.

We prioritise, we execute the campaign, we monitor results, and we keep testing to make those results better over time.

If you're getting multiple leads per day to your business and need a more efficient way to follow them up, get in touch today and we'll help you identify those quick wins before another lead falls through the cracks.

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