Webinar Coaching

The most effective method to scale your sales

You know that webinars sell. You've seen dozens of webinar presentations that prove it. But how do you create an effective webinar around YOUR offer?

Webinars are, without a doubt, the most effective way to generate online sales for training products, coaching programmes and specialist service businesses.

The Conversion Co. have created and tested around 90 webinars since 2013 and have developed a model for automated webinar presentations which is particularly suited for sales of digital products.

In a 3 step, one-to-one coaching series, we'll take you through the building blocks of the type of webinar that has created over $3million in sales for our top-performing customer in the last couple of years.

The programme will guide you through:

  • The 5 key stages of your webinar presentation, and why your opening sentences can make or break your ability to sell.
  • The “right amount” of teaching and how to deliver value without giving away your secret sauce.
  • How to plan your teaching around the offer so your prospects will be disappointed if you don't sell them more at the end.
  • Handling the Q&A session to recognise genuine objections and ensure you manage the conversation all the way through.
  • Key components of your introduction that will grab and hold your audience's attention.
  • How to build and maintain permission to sell from the start, without losing audience members.
  • 3 key pages that affect signups, attendance, attention and conversion.

How the programme is delivered

The programme is delivered as a “reverse classroom” format.  Let me explain…

Most online teaching  is done the wrong way round. The coach teaches, you listen, then you go away and do the work.

We work the other way round so you have time to absorb the theory, and our time together is spent on implementing your webinar for your product.

We deliver the theory as a series of short video classes – never more than 30 minutes at a time.
These include the section of the presentation you are going to prepare, along with some successful examples.

The end of each lesson has a set of action points for you to tackle.

Once these are done you can bring your “first draft” to the 1:1 session for us to work on together.


The programme includes:

  • 4 video lessons on the key stages of your webinar presentation
  • 4 1:1 consultations on your implementation of those stages (approx 1 hour each)
  • 1 review of your final completed presentation
  • 1 review of your webinar analytics, and further suggestions for improvements after it has been seen by at least 100 leads.


Module 1 – The presentation overview

  • The 5 stage webinar presentation
  • The promise of your webinar
  • Delivering that promise

Module 2 – Just enough teaching

  • Breaking down your offer
  • Teaching the system
  • Using bonuses

Module 3 – The Pitch: Making your offer

  • Pitching without panicking
  • Relating the teaching to the selling
  • How to pitch the value stack

Module 4 – Top & Tails

  • Pre-suasive introductions
  • Smoothing the transition from the teaching to the pitch
  • How to manage Q&A

The investment

The investment is a one-off payment of $995

Next steps

If you're making sales already, but  your sales are unpredictable and not ready to scale with paid traffic, your first step should be to schedule a rapid review call to see if your offer is suitable for this kind of presentation style.

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