Website Hosting & Support

Hosting & Support is offered to all our customers who we have created marketing websites for on the WordPress CMS platform


This is the servers and internet connection needed to give public access to, and run your website.

We use high quality hosting with nightly backups and pro-active performance monitoring to ensure speed an availability of your site at an affordable level.


Support ensures your website keeps running smoothly, and any assistance in using the editor functions of the content management system.

It includes

1) Regular upgrades of the WordPress CMS and any add-ons used as they become available.

2) Response to any site issues with availability or speed which are not solved automatically by the hosting company.

3) Access to our email support desk for help with using your site.
The support desk is a “hands-off” service. If we need to go into your site and add or edit content, or carry out further development work, this is covered by Premium Professional Support.


Standard SLA

Guaranteed response and first investigation of any issues under support is 1 working day.
(Typically we achieve same day resolution of over 94% of issues)

Faster response time is billed under Premium Professional Support as a “Rush” service

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