Boux Avenue
Case Study

Uncovered 'customer blind spots' that were killing sales


Boux Avenue are a multichannel lingerie retailer owned by Theo Paphitis of Dragon's Den.

Early on in the business' growth, they realised that conversion rates for the new brand's website were not where they should be and The Conversion Co. was invited to help them find and fix the problems.

What We Delivered

We used our two-pronged CRO2 approach to identify problems with the site.

Firstly using data tools: We ran a trawl of their site analytics to benchmark their performance in clickthroughs from offers through to the checkout, then more in-depth page-tracking tools where we could see more detailed user behavior.

Then we ran about a dozen interviews with people recruited directly from the site, including buyers and non-buyers.

We found a reasonably long list of small hurdles and decisions that customers had to deal with, which were adding up to frustration and abandonment in enough cases to make a noticeable difference in sales.

These ranged from unclear photography to "over-clever" product names, products in unexpected categories, and distractions in the checkout.

Working with their technology provider - K3 Retail - we helped prioritise the list on impact vs cost and present a plan to the web team.

One 'blind spot' was the elaborate wrapping of the gift cards, which customers thought was a gift-wrap option.

The Results

A number of "quick wins" were implemented in the first month after some tests proved our hunches correct, and the business started moving down the list to the technically challenging items.

The site now represents over 40% of the chain's sales and continues to achieve double-digit growth in a highly challenging UK retail environment.

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