Case Study

Sales on our first webinar attempt

Background sell online coding classes, a highly competitive market, and are highly dependent on affiliate sales from a number of niche websites.

They wanted to rely less on this small group, and also open up sales beyond the three products that represented the large majority of their sales.

What We Delivered

When we reviewed Onemonth's traffic we realised there was a huge spread of interests and abilities and we needed a better way to segment it, and direct each group to the best products for them.

We built a short quiz funnel which was successful in directing browsers through to offer pages from the blog, which got excellent traffic but hadn't been very useful in generating sales at this point.

The hardest step was selling the higher-priced courses, which needed a much more intense sales effort than the sales pages were able to create.

We worked with the OneMonth team, coaching them through a webinar presentation util we had one with a workable offer, and then launched it at the end of the quiz funnel.

One of the webinar landing pages we tested for OneMonth

The Results

The quiz funnel was successful in generating over 5x more leads from OneMonth's organic content than any previous offer, building their email at an exponentially faster rate.

The webinar also converted at a respectable 3% on the first attempt, and we expect this to rise as we fine-tune the content to the questions and objections that we see in the chat each time it runs.

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