What Happened to Visibly Better?

If you've been anywhere near our website recently you'll have noticed a change to Visibly Better Marketing.

It's not there any more.

Back in 2013 when the business started, Visibly Better stood for two things:

  1. Getting Better Visibility for our clients online
  2. More transparency in the results we get. Less “likes” and “engagement” and more of what counts – “sales”.

But after too many people thinking we were something to do with graphic design, we finally bit the bullet and started changing our name to something that reflects what we really do for clients.

Conversion – Turning traffic into sales.

So, at the start of May we secured our new domain name – theconversion.co and started rejigging the site.

So what changes does the new name bring?

Too may agencies focus on building websites, or buying traffic. Not many do a good job of managing what happens when the two collide.

Converting traffic into leads and sales.

If you worked with me at Shine Marketing know the results we could get when we managed both halves of the equation.

Specifically we're working with a lot more clients who are using paid advertising, across Facebook, Google, Youtube, Twitter and (even a few on Baidu – the Chinese search giant).

This allows us to get better results, faster, and be more in control of the end-to-end journey.

We've massively increased our investment in testing & measurement tools and skills, and have formed partnerships with some amazing specialist advertising managers from each of the platforms I just mentioned.

We've also proven ourselves to be up there with the best when it comes to writing persuasive copy.
In the last year we've created emails, sales letters and webinar scripts that have beaten the efforts of some seasoned veterans.

For those of you who aren't ready to take on our full service consulting programme, we'll also be putting out a lot more content about how to create marketing campaigns that produce consistent, measurable sales results, particularly for digital products like software or online training.

(If that's not for you, the unsubscribe link is always at your disposal).

What does this mean for existing clients?

In the short term, not a lot.

The current name is just a trading name, we've not yet gone the whole hog at Companies House, there's no change to the personnel, or any of the support systems you're already using.

The most you'll notice at first is our emails coming from @theconversion.co instead of @visiblybetter.net

We'll still be supporting the websites we built. After all, WordPress in particular is an important tool in our conversion work.

VBMail, our old email marketing tool will stay where it is, although most of our newer clients are now reaping the benefits of automating their campaigns through ActiveCampaign.

But if we've not spoken in a while think your business might be able to grow much faster by using our skills, let's put that right and arrange a catch up.

Expect more from me on Monday about a great new tool we've just released to benchmark your marketing efforts and take some of the pain out of your email campaigns.

Stephen Pratley

I’ve spent 20 years building huge email lists and prospect databases for the UK’s biggest retail, media and technology brands. Now you can learn the same tactics for your own business.

Something to get you started today...

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