Turnstone IT Procurement

High conversion landing pages for paid search advertising

Turnstone is an IT procurement consultancy who we have worked with for around 5 years.

They help IT buyers cut costs, and stop them getting “screwed” by unfair contracts.

One route to finding clients is short training courses which they promote using Google Adwords.

Turnstone’s site had been heavily optimised for SEO, and as is often the case, this meant lengthy text pages with lots of surrounding content.

Whilst these pages get good SEO traffic, they leave a lot of unconverted traffic on the table.

What We Did

We created a set of landing pages for three services which:

  • Are designed around best practice in conversion
  • Work on mobile
  • Have clear calls to action
  • Integrate with email alerts to the business when a new lead is generated


The pages were launched in under a month, allowing Turnstone to start gathering leads before the next training sessions were due to run.

Turnstone have now re-started several unprofitable Adwords campaigns and look set to make this an important ongoing part of their customer acquisition strategy

Could we do the same for you?

We work with businesses who sell premium education and information products online, or who use educational events as a major part of their marketing strategy.

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